Bucharest (2013)

by Bucharest

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released October 10, 2013

All songs written by Danny Finkenthal and Guy Cohavi

Recorded at the Kicha studios by Ronen Hajaj
Mixed by Guy Cohavi and Shay Bruker
Mastered by Roman Vail JLM Studio
Cover Photo by Anna Yam (Untitled, 2011)



all rights reserved


Bucharest Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

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Track Name: Freaking Out

Oh boy I am freaking out
Nothing wears it down
Afraid this time it sticks around
No patience I just want it to end
Paranoid and strange
Please don't look at me that way
Turn away don’t laugh
I knew I shouldn’t have tried this trash

It's getting crowded
Sometimes I need a rest
Recovering my breath
City life is such race
We're going nowhere fast
We'll get to nowhere last
We forgot to set the alarm
Everything we owned burned down

Oh don't forsake me
While my heart still has a bit
Recovering my breath
Everybody seems so fake
We're going nowhere fast
And we'll get to nowhere last
I hope it doesn't take to long
I swallow it all
But they don't care
I swallow it all
They don’t care
I swallow it all
They don't care
I swallow it all
No one cares!
Track Name: Pipe Dream

So many faithful words
Have led you here
It's a one sided deal
The sky looks like a big black hole
What makes you say that it's a sunny day?

Lately I've been seeing things
A Flooded stream
On a daytime dream
How do you think it feels?
To hang so high
And yet hold that fake smile

Nobody ever wants to be left behind
I guess you are just another pipe dream
Track Name: Big Black Stain

I looked up a tear shattered on my face and I've wondered:
Does everybody feel sometimes that they're strange?
There is nothing that I'd rather be right now more than the rain
To help me clarify a few things about a big black stain I obtained

I looked out then I got right back inside I was just testing
I'm still learning how to navigate this ship
So the pain will go back where it's suppose to be
Far away at open seas I still don't feel at ease

I'm so tired
I'm so tired
This race will never end
So I turn mute
Over & over

I hide behind claims I know are falls
But I'm so scared I might neglect the things I've already crossed out running forward like I'm in some kind of trance
I don't want to fade out in a flash oh no

I'm so tired
I'm so tired
This race will never end
So I turn mute
Over & over
Track Name: Take Care

It took me by surprise
How can the moon be making light
In the few hours that she keeps me company

I'm making up silly rhymes
Until the sorrows melting
Whispering as loud as I can I'm aching
Take care of me tonight

Some nights I have you on others I'm falling
Hopelessly in love with the blues that she brings
In those dark few hours

I'm making up silly rhymes
Until the sorrows melting
I'm singing as loud as I can I'm aching
Take care of me tonight

I used to be sweet now I'm sour
I used to be in love with you now I'm indifferent to you

Take care of me tonight
Take care
Take care of me
Track Name: Cold House

Another useless night
Another pointless day, has gone
You keep me unsatisfied
It's hard to say, you know

The ceiling cracked above our bed
I'll fix it, i'm not gonna let it fall

Most of us are lost
The others selling lies, old lies
I wonder what it's like
To wake up on the brighter side

Big city lights are blinding me
Our house is always getting cold

Time keeps speeding up
And we are slowly fading
Decisions gently made
My colors turning grey
i can't go on
Just lift it up or pull it down
Track Name: Plastic Flower

There's something loose in his eyes this morning
She wasn't looking when he left
Now the dirty raindrops sneak through the window

He had enough of this plastic flower
It's always looks the same
Hopeless words always end in silence

He's crawling down the stairs and sighing to himself
There's no sign of love like any other day
Track Name: Twilight

Nothing is going to change
You can stop holding your breath
I sit down and watch as my youth fly's away
And I kiss it good night

I can carry your weight
And you, you can't seem to relate
If I could I'd probably do things differently
In retrospect

Darling our love is passing
We're pretending to be running
As we're standing still

Nothing is going to change
Nothing is going to change
I could say I'll be more patient if you'd like
But I'll just be lying

Darling our life is passing
We're pretending that we are running
As we're standing still
As we're standing still
As we're standing still
Track Name: Killing Time

I spend my days I spend my nights not doing anything
Waiting for time to pass in this space I'm in
I'm a waste of waste of skin
This doesn't mean a thing
This is killing time

Nothing is worth getting done
Because when it's done it's gone away
And so it goes on
This is killing time

Everything bores me
Everyone ignores me
But I finally think it's ok

This is killing time
Track Name: Bucharest

Waiting for the morning to come
Feeling low in this boring old town
Embracing what loneliness brings
It feels fresh and quite exciting

Don’t worry baby
I haven't placed my whole heart in your hands
I'm more careful and experienced than that

Long distance always takes a toll
I can't wait to come back home
I'm scared things will just be the same
You'll be you and I I'll be me

Don’t worry baby
I haven't placed my whole love in your hands
I'm more careful and experienced than that
Lesson learned

I'll wait for your telephone calls
Please just make me laugh
Track Name: Charred Heart

I don’t know how to break this for you gently
I can't stand you anymore
The pain that you have caused drew so much fire
But nothing can lid my charred heart again
I can't help myself from seeking out revenge

I don't know how to let myself down easy
I give up what brings me down
You're far but not outside my jurisdiction
Once I owe I only aim to gloat
I can help it it's the bitter taste in my mouth

But I'll never ask myself why?